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Tri-Sure Wins the GREIF’s 2015 Michael Gasser Global Sustainability Award

Fri, March 04, 2016

Tri-Sure has been selected to receive Greif’s 2015 Michael Gasser Sustainability Award, which recognizes the environmentally focused activities of Greif associates and superior effort and achievement in furthering the improvement of the environment and the company.

Tri-Sure has been investing in all aspects of sustainability including resource consumption reduction, employee health & safety, waste reduction and innovation for the last five years. Recognition was received for Tri-Sure investing in innovation to create a safer work environment, ahead of government regulations, by developing a passivation method called Chromium 3 Passivation that eliminated the risk of employee exposure to toxic materials while also decreasing toxicity of wastewater. This innovation made Tri-Sure the first in the market with such a product.

Secondly, Tri-Sure also invested in product development to create a venting screw cap system, Plasticap 60™ MPV3 Screwcap that meets customer requirements while reducing consumption of raw materials in addition to reducing waste. By collaborating with their customers and integrating sustainability criteria to their innovation process, Tri-Sure grew their business with truly unique product answering market needs for both performance and sustainability.

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Tri-Sure Wins the GREIF’s 2015 Michael Gasser Global Sustainability Award