Don't Forget Your Tri-Sure® Breakaway Preset Torque Wrench

Tue, April 27, 2021

When shipping or storing filled steel or plastic drums that have Tri-Sure® plugs installed, Tri-Sure Preset Torque Wrenches assure proper tightening of each plug to their specified torque requirement and keep your company in compliance with D.O.T. Regulations. Each Tri-Sure Preset Torque Wrench includes a Certificate of Calibration, something you may be asked to produce during a D.O.T. audit. When it is time to have your preset wrench recalibrated, Tri-Sure will provide you with a new certificate of calibration.

Why a Preset Torque Wrench? It decreases the chance of error that can occur if not setting the proper torque on an adjustable wrench, or not paying attention to the needle on a beam-style torque wrench, leading to over or under compression of the plug gasket, resulting in a leaky drum. Another reason is the Tri-Sure Preset Torque Wrench is two wrenches in one, eliminating the need to readjust for the different torque requirements of each plug. Simply torque the 2” plug, then flip the wrench over and torque the ¾” plug. It’s that easy. Tri-Sure Presets apply just the right amount of torque to Tri-Sure plugs in steel and plastic drums. The handle will slip, or breakaway, to signal the user that the proper torque has been reached. In fact, that is why they are commonly referred to as “Breakaway” Preset Torque Wrenches. Available as Standard or Non-Spark.

To learn more about available tooling options, visit our page on Tooling and Insertion.

Don’t Forget Your Tri-Sure® Breakaway Preset Torque Wrench