Tooling and insertion

To ensure a consistently high quality of closure application it is essential that the correct tooling and equipment is used. We have all required insertion, application and removal equipment, available to assist our customers. Our local service professionals are available to advise and service the optimal tooling for your manual or automated production lines. 

For more information please contact your local Sales & Support center.

Tri-Sure® Plug wrenches
A variety of opening and closing tools are available to apply Tri-Sure® products on metal and plastic drums with the recommended torques. We also provide all technical information you require to incorporate the Tri-Sure® closure system in your own manufacturing processes (please see our Library of Brochures for detailed instructions).

Tri-Sure® Closing Tools for metal and plastic Tab-Seal® and Push-Lock™ caps   
We offer a full range of pneumatic and manual crimping tools tailored to your process needs, including for automatic application of Tab-Seal® caps. In the section (please see Applications for detailed instructions).

Tri-Sure® Adaptors for plugs
We supply a variety of adaptors for pneumatic or electric plug wrenches for metal and plastic plugs, in standard or spark-free executions for explosion risk environments (please see Applications for detailed instructions).

Tri-Sure® Insertion Dies
Tri-Sure® flanges are applied by means of insertion dies. Tri-Sure® offers a full range of insertion tooling and advice for traditional two-stage insertion, combination dies, and single-operation insertion. We can also assist our customers with turnkey projects for insertion equipment. We have die-sets available for all regular drum-top configurations and gauge material. We also supply dies to manufacturers of fully automated production lines (please see Applications for detailed instructions).