BPA Free* Linings

In response to regulatory requirements and food safety initiatives, the Tri-Sure® RDL® 100 and RDL® 101 linings have the same high chemical resistance and flexibility as our other high quality linings, but do not contain BPA by design.

✓ Brings clarity and standardization. 
✓ Reduces working capital and saves costs.
✓ Guarantees consistent quality.
✓ Provide sustainable solutions. 
✓ Worldwide availability.
✓ Safeguarding your product and protecting our environment.

* The Bisphenol A (BPA) free linings are produced from raw materials that do not contain BPA nor is BPA intentionally added during the manufacturing of linings. Tri-Sure® tested our product with a well-renowned lab and BPA was found not to be detectable using a detection limit of < 0.5 μg/dm.. Please note however that Bisphenol A is ubiquitious in the natural environment and therefore traces may occur, because in particular of the environmental exposure. For more information feel free to contact Tri-Sure®.