Meet Tri-Sure [VIDEO]

Tri-Sure has a long history of innovation that has resulted in a global leader in packaging closures. The video below was featured at Interpack 2023.

For over 100 years, our products have been the choice for securely closing metal and plastic containers. This market leadership has been the foundation for our global footprint today. Our global footprint of Tri-Sure® sales, distribution, and support centers consists of support engineers comprehensively trained in all aspects of our products and their applications.

Due to the outstanding and innovative design of all our products and our outstanding commitment to customer support, you can find us on packaging throughout the world. We understand the pressure on manufacturers and distributors to protect their products from pilferage and to avoid environmental damage.

Application support

For applying our metal Tri-Sure® closures onto drums, we have a variety of insertion dies available. Tri-Sure® support engineers can bring the company's global experience for all types of drum production and filling lines. From manual to automated lines, and for all types of content, our expertise is readily available.

Design support

Regarding our product range for plastic containers, our support extends beyond supplying customers with just a plastic plug. Since the performance of the container will largely depend on the interaction between the threaded neck of the container and the plug, it is essential to create a perfect combination.

We can provide all the necessary information needed for the design of a recommended drum neck in line with the relevant industrial standards.
The same is true for the range of PlasticapTM screwcaps we can supply.

Insertion dies, closing tools, and accessories

An extensive range of Insertion dies, and closing tools enhance our range of closures. These and the special accessories we supply make sure that all your drum and container closing needs can be met worldwide by a single supplier.

Tri-Sure Advantages

✓ Global supply.
✓ Technical support and advice.
✓ Total cost of ownership.
✓ Spare parts for dies.
✓ Tooling for opening and closing.
✓ Rush-orders.

More than just caps and closures.

Tri-Sure is dedicated to our customers and the environment we all live and work in. Interested to learn more? Please visit our sustainability page, which links to our parent company's sustainability section.

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