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BPA Free* Linings

In response to food safety initiatives and the overall safe well-being of human health, we have developed a Bisphenol-A free NI* lining for industrial containers. These RDL® linings are engineered without BPA in the formulation and have the same high chemical resistance and flexibility as our other standard high-quality linings.

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<ul><li>Compliant with international food contact regulations.</li><li>Produced with specific selected raw materials.</li><li>Brings clarity and standardization.</li><li>Guarantees consistent quality.<br /></li><li>Provide sustainable solutions.</li><li>Worldwide availability.</li></ul>
  • RDL® 100 - brown colored pigmented phenolic lining.
  • RDL® 101 - gold / clear phenolic lining.
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More information about the Tri-Sure BPA Free* Linings

  • *BPA free (NI) Non Intend linings are produced from raw materials that do not contain BPA nor is BPA intentionally added during the manufacturing of linings.

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