For plastic containers

PLASTIPLUG™ Plastic Plugs

A quality product that's proven globally on millions of plastic containers - PLASTIPLUG™ plastic plugs can now accommodate the uniquely designed all-plastic tamper-evident Push-Lock™ cap.

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Tri sure plastiplug executions for industrial plastic drum containers
<ul><li>Designed to meet the special characteristics of plastic containers. </li><li>Push-Lock™ compatible for maximum all-plastic tamper-evidence. </li><li>Full range of Tri-Sure® closing tools and adaptors for optimal sealing performance.</li><li>The entire range of Plastiplug™ plastic plugs is compliant with ISO-20848 Part 3.</li></ul>
  • Available standard in white or virgin PP.
  • PLASTIPLUG™ plastic plugs are available with a range of washers, including PE, and EPDM.
  • Numerous venting options, including EPDM-mushroom and micro porous venting devices, are available for specific applications.
Tri Sure brochure Plastiplug plugs

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