Caps for plastic containers

PLASTIPLUG™ Plastic Plugs

PLASTIPLUG™ plastic plugs are a quality product, proven globally through use on millions of plastic containers. They are ideal for use in a wide range of plastic containers, including food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic applications.

In addition to providing a secure seal, they are cost-effective and easy to install, making them an excellent choice for many businesses. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing them to blend seamlessly into your product packaging.

They also feature a durable construction that will maintain its quality even after many uses.

PLASTIPLUG™ plastic plugs can accommodate the uniquely designed all-plastic tamper-evident Push-Lock™ cap. With their superior performance and reliability, tamper-evident seals are an essential component for any business that requires a secure and reliable packaging solution.

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Tri sure plastiplug executions for industrial plastic drum containers
<ul><li>Designed to meet the special characteristics of plastic containers. </li><li>Push-Lock™ compatible for maximum all-plastic tamper-evidence. </li><li>Full range of Tri-Sure® closing tools and adaptors for optimal sealing performance.</li><li>The entire range of Plastiplug™ plastic plugs is compliant with ISO-20848 Part 3.</li></ul>
  • Available standard in white or virgin PP.
  • PLASTIPLUG™ plastic plugs are available with a range of washers, including PE, and EPDM.
  • Numerous venting options, including EPDM-mushroom and micro porous venting devices, are available for specific applications.
Tri Sure brochure Plastiplug plugs

More information about the Tri-Sure® PLASTIPLUG™ Plastic Plugs

Tri-Sure is committed to its mission of protecting the environment worldwide, and Plastiplug™ is one of many products that meets or surpasses an environmentally focused minimum standard. The quality and confidence forged over a hundred years make Tri-Sure a trusted source and an industry leader. Plastiplug™ fits the mold of the Tri-Sure brand - quality you can trust and a price point that stands up against any other industrial closure in its segment.

Proven over and over again on a global scale, the Plastiplug™ plastic plug is the choice for a tamper-evident Push-Lock™ cap.