Tri-Sure® Covers Tops and Lids are designed to securely close open head containers. Various specifications, profiles and sizes are available to meet your product and market requirements.

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Tri sure plastic cover for plastic and fiber container
<ul><li>Available with standard BCS 56x4 or special S71x4 opening for product with high viscosity.</li><li>All our materials are food contact compliant (FDA).</li><li>Different venting options available.</li><li>Designed opening to fit a vent strip.</li></ul>
  • We can serve a full range of lids for containers starting at 20 L up to 220 L.
  • Standard Tri-Sure® plugs and caps are available for lids with closure openings.
Tri Sure Brochure Lids Tops

More information about the Tri-Sure® Covers

Tri-Sure's covers are designed and built for use with fibre or plastic drums. The engineering team at Tri-Sure has a long history of working with drum manufacturers to deliver products that have been proven over the company's long 100-year history.

Closures covers/lids/tops