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Agitator Drum Closure System

The G1.5 Tri-Sure Agitator-System is a safe and effective Top-center closure assembly that's designed for steel drums equipped with an agitator mixing systems.

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Tri sure agitator system
<ul><li>Safe and effective Top-center closure assembly.</li><li>Suitable for single and multiple propeller mixing systems.</li><li>Secure high torque resistance.</li><li>Nylon plug provides ultra-clean thread engagement.</li></ul>
  • 4s® flange gasket compatible.
  • R-Style plug. Passes UN testing & features retention ring design.
  • Plug style fits with Woodman.
  • shaft shipper bushing.
  • 1-1/2” NPS threads (G1.5).
  • It fits industry standard agitators.
  • It fits Woodman 7/16” shafts.
  • Engineered nylon polymer plug.
  • Fits traditional industry wrenches.
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More information about the Tri-Sure Agitator Drum Closure System

  • Our G1.5 Tri-Sure Agitator-System is a safe and effective Top-center closure assembly.
  • Designed for use with steel-drum single and multiple propeller mixing systems.
  • The molded chimney in the Agitator plug holds the propeller shaft in the center, reducing transport damage.
  • The agitator flange has an octagonal base that locks the flange assembly into the pocket, thus providing higher torque resistance during plug opening, closing, and mixing motor threading.
  • Our Agitator system allows full paint coverage of drum cover to eliminate corrosion site around the fitting.