Caps for plastic containers

PLASTICAP-51™ Screwcap

Plasticap-51™ is the fast, flexible, and cost-effective closure system for high-demand UN applications and is designed for optimal sealing and security of small and medium-sized containers.

The system requires no tools for installation and offers a custom fit for a wide range of container sizes and shapes. It is also tamper-evident, a feature that is crucial for the UN distribution system.

The Plasticap-51™ closure system is constructed with durable materials and is designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. This ensures that the product remains secure and safe throughout its journey. The system is also equipped with a re-sealable feature for containers that need to be opened multiple times. This allows for easy access to the product while also providing a secure seal that ensures the product is not tampered with.

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Tri sure closure plasticap 51
<ul><li>Proven and customizable design.</li><li>Light, robust, and reliable for a cost-effective sealing solution.</li><li>Compliant with food regulations.</li><li>Consistent design for automatic filling line application.</li><li>Protected tamper-evident ring design improves security performance.</li><li>FSSC 22000, Global Food Safety Initiative factory produced.</li></ul>
  • Available with induction heat seal solutions.
  • Numerous washer options.
  • Available with a variety of printing and embossing options.
  • Subject to minimum order quantities, a full array of colors and custom designs are available.
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More information about the Tri-Sure® PLASTICAP-51™ Screwcap

The Plasticap-51™ screwcap with a protected tamper-evident ring is made from High-Density PE (HDPE) and an integrated expanded PE sealing washer (other washer solutions are also available). The combination provides a light yet robust and reliable solution for our customers.

Combined with Tri-Sure's worldwide global network of sales and service centers, we provide tooling and technical support for the Plasticap-51™ screwcap. The robust Plasticap-51™ closures system is the first choice for companies that value the highest protection levels for hazardous or valuable contents.

Ease of Use

They are designed with a protected tamper-evident ring to provide you with the highest level of security. That makes it easy to use, even when wearing gloves. Designed with a consistent thread start for exact positioning, further enhancing automation on filling lines.

Promoting Brands

Customization is available via embossment or printing with a brand's logo or special instructions.

Full Customer Support

As expected of a world leader in industrial closure systems, we provide a complete approach to applying and removing the Plasticap-51™ screwcap. Plastic application, removal tools, and special aluminum torque wrenches are available to ensure proper fitting of the screwcap. Our technical staff can also offer practical advice on upgrading your current container with the Plasticap-51™ closure system.

All Tri-Sure® Plasticap-51™ closures focus on maximum performance combined with the popular Tri-Sure® neck design (DIN 50).