Caps for plastic containers

ClickLock™ Cap for Plastic Drums

Tri-Sure ClickLock™ closures are designed to provide a universal cap solution for plastic drums equipped with any producer's NPS or Buttress plug. The closures can secure a variety of containers and liquids and made with durability and chemical resistance in mind. Their all-plastic construction means no rust and no dangerously sharp edges.

The closure design provides an easy-to-open, tamper-evident cap that is easy to reseal. The Tri-Sure ClickLock™ closures are ideal for applications that require secure and reliable closure for a variety of industrial, chemical, and food-grade products.

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Tri sure click lock caps
<ul><li>Tamper evident solution for plastic drums.</li><li>All plastic execution.</li><li>Printable.</li><li>Prevents dirt contamination of the closure opening.</li><li>Compatible with vented plugs (no hole needed).</li></ul>
  • Size: G2.5.
  • Material: Glass-filled PP.
  • Compatible with all competitor plugs.
  • Hinged interlock design.
  • Private design available (MOQ).
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More information about the Tri-Sure® ClickLock™ Cap for Plastic Drums

Tri-Sure's ClickLock™ cap requires no tooling for installation, and the hinged design provides tamper evidence as it must be destroyed to be removed. The cap will work on any plastic drum, no matter who manufactured the plug. ClickLock™ is essentially a one-stop shop for plastic drum capping needs.

  • Tri-Sure ClickLock™ caps are all-plastic, meaning no rust and no sharp edges, and a reduced risk of injury
  • Plastic drum closure system
  • Readily available around the world

Tri-Sure is proud to feature intentional redundancy in cap and closure production, which means customers can count on a global supply of identical products in every region. Eight strategically placed production facilities help make Tri-Sure the worldwide leader in plastic drum closures and caps.