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Our PLASTICAP™ AGRO Screwcap is really the first choice for companies that value the ultimate solution for protecting their product and ensuring the safety of their workplace. This screwcap is designed to meet the special characteristics of plastic containers for the agrochemical industry.

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Tri sure agro plasticap screwcap
<ul><li>In-house mould making facilities.</li><li>In-house printing.</li><li>Proven and customizable designs.</li><li>UN approved.</li></ul>
  • Standard sizes: 45, 50 and 63mm.
  • Various custom sizes available.
  • EPE wad (with- or without PE or PA linings).
  • IHS wad (Induction Heat Seal).
  • Dosing insert self gasketing.
  • With- or without tamper evident ring.
  • Slitted tamper evident ring.
Tri Sure brochure Plasticap Agro

More information about the Tri-Sure® PLASTICAP™ AGRO Screwcaps

Tri-Sure is committed to its mission of protecting the environment worldwide, and Plasticap™ AGRO Screw Caps is one of many products that meets or surpasses an environmentally focused minimum standard. The quality and confidence forged over a hundred years make Tri-Sure a trusted source and an industry leader. Plasticap™ AGRO Screw Caps fit the mold of the Tri-Sure brand - quality you can trust and a price point that stands up against any other industrial closure in its segment.