Caps for plastic containers

PLASTICAP-60™ Screwcap

PLASTICAP-60™ is a fast, flexible, and cost-effective closure system for high-demand UN applications and is designed for optimal sealing and security of small and medium-sized plastic containers.

The closure also features a built-in pouring lip and a double-thick skirt, which provides a secure seal with the container. The Uni-Grip® 60C is resistant to leakage and offers a solid grip when it's time for the consumer to unscrew the lid. The closure also has a wide spout opening to facilitate the pouring of contents. It's a great option for food and beverage manufacturers looking for a reliable, convenient packaging solution.

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Carbon Black Free Cap
<ul><li>Proven and customizable design.</li><li>Light, robust &amp; reliable for a cost-effective sealing solution.</li><li>Compliant with food regulations.</li><li>Consistent design for automatic filling line application.</li><li>Tamper-evident.</li></ul>
  • Standard PLASTICAP-60™ supplied with expanded PE washer.
  • PLASTICAP-60™ with tap holder, designed to fit a G¾ PLASTIROB dispensing tap.
  • PLASTICAP-60™ with EPDM mushroom “venting out” solution.
  • PLASTICAP-60™ with microporous, high-volume “venting in & out” solution with splashguard.
  • Available with or without a thumb pull tab.
  • Numerous washer options.
  • Available with a variety of printing and embossing options.
  • Subject to minimum order quantities a full array of colors and custom designs is available.
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More information about the Tri-Sure® PLASTICAP-60™ Screwcap

Tri-Sure® is committed to its mission of protecting the environment worldwide, and Plasticap-60™ Screwcap is one of many products that meets or surpasses an environmentally focused minimum standard. The quality and confidence forged over a hundred years make Tri-Sure® a trusted source and an industry leader. Plasticap-60™ Screwcap fits the mold of the Tri-Sure® brand - quality you can trust and a price point that stands up against any other industrial closure in its segment.