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G2 R-Plug™

G2 Tri-Sure® steel and plastic R-plugs™ are the standard for trouble-free sealing and opening of metal containers.

Backed by the confidence that comes with the name Tri-Sure® - the global leader in industrial closure systems and packaging components for metal containers, plastic containers, IBCs, and more. Whatever the product, our patented closure systems will be able to protect your containers’ contents and reduce the risk of spillage.

Our G2 Tri-Sure® steel and plastic R-plugs™ are designed to meet the highest of standards. Made with the highest grade of stainless steel and other metals, these plugs can meet the needs of any application. They are easy to install and provide reliable protection against spills and contaminants. Our G2 Tri-Sure® steel and plastic R-plugs™ will provide the best combination of strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

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G2 steel R plug for metal containers drums
<ul><li>Opens faster and easier.</li><li>Unique retaining ring design means no more washer gripping and end-of-line stoppages.</li><li> Conical washer seat design means no more washer looping and filling line stoppages.</li><li>This industrial closure is for metal containers.</li></ul>
  • The R-plug™ design is the standard application available on all Tri-Sure® G2 steel and plastic plugs.
  • Standard Tri-Sure® steel plugs are zinc-plated to prevent corrosion. Stainless steel, phosphate, or tin-plated mild steel are also available for special applications.
  • Tri-Sure® plastic plugs for steel containers are available in white PP, PE, and nylon.
  • All Tri-Sure® plastic plugs for steel containers are FM Factory Mutual certified.
Tri Sure brochure R Plug

More information about the Tri-Sure® G2 R-Plug™

Tri-Sure is committed to its mission of protecting the environment worldwide, and G2 R-Plug™ is one of many products that meets or surpasses an environmentally focused minimum standard. The quality and confidence forged over a hundred years make Tri-Sure a trusted source and an industry leader. G2 R-Plug™ fits the mold of the Tri-Sure brand - quality you can trust and a price point that stands up against any other industrial closure in its segment.