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RDL® Linings

Tri-Sure's food-compliant RDL® internal linings are ideal for protecting customers' products against influences from the steel packaging and safeguarding the environment from aggressive products.

We have created a Bisphenol-A (BPA) free RDL® lining for industrial containers, to follow food safety regulations and to ensure people's well-being. This lining has the same chemical resistance and flexibility as our other superior linings but without the addition of BPA in its formulation.

Our RDL® linings are designed to meet the most stringent standards for food safety. This means that you can trust that our products are safe for your food storage and packaging needs. We are proud to offer the highest quality linings that meet the strictest compliance requirements. Our commitment to keeping your food safe and healthy is our utmost priority.

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Tri sure rdl drum lining
<ul><li>High chemical resistance</li><li>Guarantees consistent quality</li><li>Provides a sustainable solution</li><li>Worldwide availability</li><li> products drum contents against the influences of steel packaging</li><li>Added protection for the environment from aggressive products</li></ul>
  • Compliant with international food contact regulations.
  • FDA regulation CFR 21 §175.300.
  • Commission directive (EC) 1935/2004.
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More information about the Tri-Sure® RDL® Linings

Tri-Sure is steadfast in its mission of defending the environment on a global scale, and BPA-free* Linings are among the many items that meet or exceed a standard that is environmentally conscious. The trustworthiness and reliability established over a century have made Tri-Sure a dependable source and an industry innovator. BPA Free* Linings align with quality you can rely on.

Our liners are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and are designed to provide the best possible protection against contamination, spoilage, and even fire. We use a unique combination of advanced technology and expert craftsmanship to make sure that our products provide consistent and reliable protection. We are proud of our commitment to quality and strive to provide the best possible solution for all of your food storage needs.

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