Tooling and Insertion

Flange Insertion Dies

Tri-Sure® flanges are applied using insertion dies. Tri-Sure offers a full range of insertion tooling and advice for traditional two-stage insertion, combination dies, and single-operation insertion. We can also assist our customers with turnkey projects for insertion equipment. We have die-sets available for all standard drum-top configurations and gauge material. We also supply dies to manufacturers of fully automated production lines.

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<ul><li>Global support and advice for full range insertion systems.</li><li>Suitable for automated flange line assemblies.</li><li>Customizable to customer needs.</li></ul>
  • Flange insertion dies for body insertion on small pails available.
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More information about the Tri-Sure® Flange Insertion Dies

To ensure a consistently high-quality closure application, it is essential that the correct tooling and equipment are used. We have all required insertion, application, and removal equipment available to assist our customers. Our local service professionals are available to advise and service the optimal tooling for your manual or automated production lines. Please do not hesitate to contact the sales & support center nearest you for more information.