Tooling and Insertion

Adaptors for plugs

We supply a variety of Tri-Sure® adaptors for pneumatic or electric plug wrenches, for metal and plastic plugs in standard or spark-free executions for explosion risk environments.

Our Tri-Sure® adaptors should fit most pneumatic and electric plug wrenches, and they come in both standard and spark-free versions. If you are using them in an area where explosions are a risk, our spark-free versions are a good choice.

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Adaptor for plastic
<ul><li>Safe and secure opening of metal and plastic plugs.</li><li>Suitable for handheld or pneumatic wrenches.</li></ul>
  • Spark-free executions available.
  • Adaptors with magnetic insert available.
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More information about the Tri-Sure® Adaptors for plugs

To ensure a consistently high quality of closure application it is essential that the correct tooling and equipment is used. For more information please contact your local Sales & Support center.