Measuring Cups

Tri-Sure® measuring cups are designed to accurately measure liquid and solid substances. Various types, profiles and sizes can be customized to meet your product and market requirements. Our volume range starts at 20 ml and ends at 500 ml.

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Measuring cup 2
<ul><li>Various sizes and shapes available.</li><li>More than one scale in one print possible.<br /></li><li>Injection and printing in house.</li><li>Food approved raw materials.</li></ul>
  • Customized designs.
  • High quality printing or embossing available.
  • Stand-alone foot option for large measuring cups.
  • Measuring spoons
Tri Sure brochure Measuring cups

More information about the Tri-Sure® Measuring Cups

  • Several scales for liquid and solid products are available.
  • Different unit values can be applied on one cup for multiple scaling needs.
  • International standards such as millimeters and ounces may be combined.
  • Any shape like rectangular, conical, cylindrical or a combination of more shapes is possible.