DP-20 Plastic Cover

Tri-Sure® DP20 cover is the best option to securely close O-20 plastic containers that require a high level of cleanliness. Closed pivot geometry prevents dirt from seeping into the inside of the cover, and the smooth contour design allows for ease of use when it comes to cleaning and general sanitation.

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Tri sure plastic dp20 cover for plastic containers
<ul><li>Fulfill UN regulations.</li><li>No tools required.</li><li>Improved stack-ability.</li><li>Completely traceable by production date.</li><li>Closed pivot geometry prevents dirt ingression.</li><li>Smooth contour allows easy cleaning.</li><li>Optimizes loads in trailers.</li></ul>
  • Assembled Cover & Closing Ring system.

Tri Sure DP 20 Cover

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Tri-Sure can also supply covers assembled with the corresponding plastic closing-ring, thus reducing handling, complexity and labor costs during the filling process. Shorter cover yields significant increase in stack-ability which translate in savings with freight.

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