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EcoBalance™ SambaCap™

EcoBalance™ SambaCap™ is Tri-Sure's PCR take on the popular SambaCap. These closures are produced with PCR resin from recycled containers. The closed-loop PCR process helps customers achieve their sustainability targets through a reduced carbon footprint.

PCR means post-consumer resin, or recovered plastics that have already entered the supply chain at least once. This type of material provides customers with an economically viable solution toward meeting their sustainability goals. EcoBalance SambaCaps are also fully compatible with existing closure systems.

All in all, EcoBalance™ SambaCap™ is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while still providing the same quality of performance.

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Tri sure closures Samba Cap
<ul><li>A sustainable packaging option - the Tri-Sure® EcoBalance™ SambaCap™ supports sustainability goals of reducing carbon emissions, minimizing energy consumption, and diverting waste from landfills.</li><li>Internal calculations show PCR caps potentially reduce carbon emissions up to 45% over the use of standard plastic caps.</li><li>This closure uses recycled HPDE post-consumer resin from containers.</li><li>The SambaCap's popularity comes from the closure's effortless and convenient removal by hand.</li><li>The product is all-plastic, meaning no rust and sharp edges.</li><li>SambaCap™ prevents dirt ingress and contamination.</li><li>No crimping tool is required!</li></ul>
  • EcoBalance™ SambaCap™ color will vary slightly due to the sustainability aspect of being produced using PCR.
  • Subject to minimum order quantities.
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SambaCap Closure

Take "Easy on / Easy off" to a new level, as no tools are required for the SambaCap. Take advantage of a design that is efficiently and securely applied over the closure by hand and protects against pilferage or substitution of the drum's contents.

SambaCap is the all-plastic overcap designed to protect the closure system from dirt, contamination, pilferage (theft), or substitution of a drum's contents.

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