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PLASTICAP-60™ MPV3 Screwcap

The Plasticap 60 "MPV3" is a "Micro-Porous Venting" screwcap that is safe, secure, and economical. MPV3 PLASTICAP-60™ screwcap is the optimal solution for high-performance and cost-effective two-way venting of small and medium-sized plastic containers.

How does it protect?

The tamper-evident Plasticap 60TM MPV3 screwcap is made from HDPE with an expanded PE sealing wad with an integrated venting membrane. This combination provides a light yet robust two-way venting solution for your customers.

Ensuring maximum security worldwide

Comes standard with the Tri-Sure® global network of sales and service centers, technical support, and Plasticap 60TM tooling. The robust Plasticap 60TM closure system is the first choice for companies that value the highest protection levels for hazardous or expensive contents.

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<ul><li>Proven and simple design cost-competitive with existing, less effective solutions on the market.</li><li>Specially treated (oleophobic) PTFE membrane provides high levels of chemical resistance with consistent venting flow rate with no blocking (crystallization).</li><li>Consistent design for automatic filling line application.</li><li>High quality wad and robust design enables container to meet UN performance requirements.</li><li>Tamper-evident.</li><li>No loose parts to fall into the container.</li><li>Venting (via thread) means no vent-hole blocking even with outside storage.</li></ul>
  • Original PLASTICAP-60™ screwcap with Expanded PE washer.
  • Various colors are available (yellow is recommended for all vented solutions).
  • Standard with thumb pull.
  • Embossed with standard “Vent System”.
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More information about the Tri-Sure® PLASTICAP-60™ MPV3 Screwcap

Tri-Sure is committed to its mission of protecting the environment worldwide, and Plasticap 60™ MPV3 Screwcap is one of many products that meets or surpasses an environmentally focused minimum standard. The quality and confidence forged over a hundred years make Tri-Sure a trusted source and an industry leader. Plasticap 60™ MPV3 Screwcap fits the mold of the Tri-Sure brand - quality you can trust and a price point that stands up against any other industrial closure in its segment.