Caps for plastic containers

PLASTICAP-70™ Screwcap

PLASTICAP-70™ is the choice for a universal and cost-effective closure system to meet high-demand UN applications. Tri-Sure engineered the PLASTICAP-70 for optimal sealing and security of small and medium-sized plastic containers.

The unique design of the PLASTICAP-70 thread and cap ensures the container remains secure and prevents any leakage. The tamper-evident feature provides maximum security and is easy to use. The specialized nature of the cap also allows for versatility and customization depending on the application.

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Plasticap 70 screwcap
<ul><li>Suitable for automated filling lines.</li><li>Compliant for UN certification.</li><li>Global footprint and reliable supply chain.</li><li>In compliance with FSSC 22000 standards. </li><li>Full product traceability.<br /></li></ul>
  • Optional tamper-evident ring.
  • Optional 3/4" threaded reducer.
  • Optional microporous vent.
  • Optional logo/design printing.
  • Optional screwcap colors.
  • 6TPI or 8TPI.
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More information about the Tri-Sure® PLASTICAP-70™ Screwcap

  • The PLASTICAP-70™ screwcap has been designed as a plug-and-play replacement to work on existing container necks, and automated filling lines ensuring no changeovers are required to begin sourcing today.
  • The cap ensures safety under extreme conditions as it has been qualified and tested for use on UN-rated containers groups II and III.
  • With our global manufacturing footprint, we are committed to providing a reliable supply chain and competitive lead times.
  • In compliance with FSSC 22000 standards, we offer full product traceability.