Our Purpose - Greif Launches New Video

Tri-Sure parent company, Greif, has launched a new purpose video.

The video highlights the strong connections the company makes to everyday essential life.

At Greif, we provide packaging solutions for life's essentials. In short, everything we make in the world has passed through the supply chain in Greif packaging at one point or another.

Putting packaging solutions for life's essentials in Tri-Sure terms

Tri-Sure closures seal in the freshness of things like food, flavorings, and fragrances that are a must-have.

They also seal out contaminants that might limit or hinder the effectiveness of a product that makes everyday life around the world possible.

What many consider the finishing touch on a full canister, drum, or jerrycan is also the first line of defense.

There are a lot more examples; a lot rides on something one can hold in one's hand.

Tri sure photo