Supply Chain Continuity

The pandemic has affected every part of the supply chain. Raw material shortages, logistics disruption and production delays are just some of the pressures that companies are having to contend with across the industry.

Resilience, strong partner relationships and global production capabilities are crucial in mitigating supply chain disruption. Tri-Sure has nine global production facilities from which we supply hundreds of millions of high-quality closures each year.

We offer the deepest portfolio of products across the industry, and we continue to manage stock levels to alleviate upstream disruptions.

Tri-Sure has 100 years of experience and expertise. Over the years, we have built a resilient supply network by focusing on intentional redundant production capacity. Creating redundancies throughout the supply chain has meant that, despite the challenges of the last two years, our supply chain has performed admirably.

Supply chain continuity is one of our key strengths as we continue to get products to customers when and where they are needed.

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