Packaging Advice

Packaging Advice

Our in-house chemists and laboratory experts are available to support you in finding the most suitable packaging, lining, and closures for your packed product. Our expertise is based on decades of packaging experience and an industry-unique chemical compatibility database containing over 50 years of packaging advice history.

What can we offer

With your product’s MSDS or formulation, our chemists can often directly recommend the most suitable closure, lining and packaging by consulting our database. If the information is incomplete or in case the product is not in our database, we can perform in-house tests with a 250 ml product sample.

What we need to know

  • What product is packed*
  • Specific chemical name and/or trade names
  • Components and their concentrations including water content
  • Density, vapor pressure, boiling / melting point, viscosity, pH, etc.
  • Filling / emptying temperatures
  • Storage conditions and desired shelf life

*1Trade names or general terms have no meaning

*2Safety or material data sheet

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